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Work on the E-Bike Has Begun!

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Phoenix Garage’s second project vehicle. “Sluggo” is a low-mileage, 1961 Ford Fire Truck and with the students, and the help of many volunteers, we’ll turn it into this cool car hauler (In a later project we will turn it into a Diesel Hybrid).

The video below chronicles Sluggo’s journey “home”.



Sluggo is famous!

Check out this awesome review of Sluggo on Colorado’s Channel 2.

Sluggo updates!

Visit the PROJECTS page for all the updates on our first project: Sluggo.

The Phoenix Garage is…

Who We Are: Our Program is designed by Education and Engineering Professionals who are car enthusiasts to assist at-risk students thrive in school and in life.

Who We Serve: Phoenix Garage serves at-risk, high school students from the Poudre School District, in Fort Collins Colorado.

At Risk Defined:  For a student to be defined as “At-Risk” he or she must experience one or more of the following issues: academic failure, attendance concerns, behavioral problems and social/emotional difficulties.

What our program is: Phoenix Garage is an educational mentoring program that provides at-risk students the opportunity to develop academic and work skills, through building high-tech, green vehicles.

Where we are Located: Phoenix Garage is located in Fort Collins Colorado.

When We Meet: Phoenix Garage meets every Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 4:00 to 8:00 pm throughout the course of the project.

Why We Deliver This Program: If a student believes that he or she cannot succeed in school, they have little incentive to try to improve their academic performance.

In order for students to re-engage school, they must be given opportunities to challenge their negative beliefs by achieving meaningful academic goals.

Phoenix Garage will provide this opportunity.